e-Anglais.com Test d'anglais niveau faible; Easy Test

Answer the questions and click on the button Correct My Answers. The questions are not arranged in order of difficulty. So don't give up before you get to the end. For a harder version of this test, go here.
  1. Yesterday, I  to the supermarket.
  2. Q. How do you do? A
  3. How  money have you got in your pocket right now?
  4.   you?
  5. What  this evening?
  6. I think I'm too fat. I say to myself: "  lose weight".
  7. He  here for four hours now.
  8. I'm hot and thirsty because 
  9. If I go to New York,  you a post-card.
  10. The politest way to ask for another cup of tea: 
  11. The man  sister is ill, has gone to the hospital to visit her.
  12. A crime has been committed. The police are looking  it.
  13. I didn't see John yesterday, but  I would have given him your message.
  14. When  to Ireland next month, I'll send you a post-card.
  15.   I look down from the Eiffel Tower, I feel dizzy.
  16. Have you succeeded  a new job yet?
  17. This question is easy:  could do it.
  18. He lives in a  house.
  19.   I was tired, we went to the party.
  20. He got angry and started  the waiter.

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