e-Anglais.com Test d'anglais niveau difficile; Hard Test

This test is harder. Different answers are sometimes possible. Use British Standard English only. <
  1. Yesterday, (I, to see)  a great film on TV.
  2. It's smoky in here; (I, to open)  the window?
  3. How brothers have you got?
  4. I seen him, I would have told him the good news.
  5. I don't know his number; I'll look it in the telephone directory.
  6. Martin, is a policeman, drives a squad car.
  7. We arrived an hour ago, and (we, to be)  here since.
  8. house is that on the hill? Is it yours?
  9. (I, to play)  tennis since I was seven.
  10. This time next week, (I, to lie)  on the beach sunning myself.
  11. You visit the Smithsonian Institution; it's really worthwhile.
  12. Last year, I (=obligation)  pay a lot of taxes.
  13. I don't know he wears red shirts; they don't suit him.
  14. Even he's only fourteen, he can play Beethoven's piano concertos.
  15. people are coming to your party?
  16. I'm an easy-going person, it makes me mad to see so much waste.
  17. The President (just, to resign) .
  18. It's my fault; I blame .
  19. She's strong, so she'll get her illness quickly.
  20. It rain; it's entirely possible.

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