e-Anglais.com Test d'anglais niveau intermédiaire ; Intermediate Test

Answer the questions and click on the button Correct.
  1. It would be better if they longer holidays.
  2. I enjoy .
  3. If you him, he would have robbed me.
  4. John and are good friends.
  5. the Headmaster last week?
  6. We're great friends. We for years.
  7. late.
  8. It's impossible to do a day's work without .
  9. His wife doesn't want the army.
  10. He felt when he failed his exams.
  11. I about emigrating.
  12. I home for Christmas.
  13. I don't know what .
  14. Be quiet or I you.
  15. He had to go home his clothes.
  16. She's the woman won the lotto.
  17. You look a bodybuilder.
  18. How many CDs ?
  19. It's all been decided: I to visit you at the weekend.
  20. Our cat kittens.
  21. We've got time.
  22. Can you ?
  23. I escaped without trouble.
  24. I know that he watching as we talk.
  25. I smoke.
  26. The phone rang while I television.
  27. This picture by Vermeer.
  28. It's a good thing that I go to school today.
  29. The teacher told me .
  30. As soon as I started watching the film, I realized I it already.

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