e-Anglais.com Test d'anglais niveau débutant - Beginners' Test

Answer the questions and click on the button Correct.
  1. He's confused to think clearly.
  2. Is Sean ?
  3. It's luck.
  4. You stay out late.
  5. It almost all the time in Ireland.
  6. Timothy Tara.
  7. What ? I couldn't hear you.
  8. Why ?
  9. I didn't you could play the piano so well.
  10. This is test I've ever corrected.
  11. He's been studying for a long time, so he's better me.
  12. Most don't mind going to school.
  13. Mr Johnson and Mr Macron phone every month.
  14. nothing I can do for you.
  15. I'll see you Friday.
  16. When he arrived the office, there was a lot of work waiting.
  17. That building's university.
  18. I like long weekends.
  19. Is this umbrella ?
  20. He works in the same start-up Ivan.
  21. Mary's eyes blue.
  22. Who ?
  23. is your phone number?
  24. Who are people in the distance?
  25. help me?
  26. Could I have drink?
  27. The cats are washing .
  28. She has two new .
  29. He's going Rimini next week.
  30. There isn't for all of you.

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