e-Anglais.com Test d'anglais niveau avancé - Advanced Test

Answer the questions and click on the button Correct. (There may sometimes be more possible answers than those proposed.)
  1. You must vacate the flat the weekend.
  2. The municipal art gallery is still .
  3. For over an hour now, he .
  4. It's not far, good because I'm tired.
  5. I hate taxes.
  6. I like to the dentist's twice a year.
  7. I'd rather .
  8. They anticipate more staff.
  9. A crime was committed; the police are looking it.
  10. As he's very argumentative, he's .
  11. If you were ever in trouble, I would give you all the help you .
  12. It's time you up your socks.
  13. How !
  14. Pearl, , has retired.
  15. Mark asked .
  16. There's a shopping centre City Hall.
  17. Who you?
  18. It's to ignore him when he's like that.
  19. It was the first time I in love.
  20. On the way home .
  21. The computer's broken and .
  22. That obelisk is a .
  23. If I had had better connections, I a minister.
  24. I'm looking for a T-shirt.
  25. The police planning to arrest the demonstrators.
  26. The .
  27. Ignore him while he disruptive.
  28. It be one o'clock already; I'm not ready.
  29. I wonder if the price of cigarettes in next week's budget.
  30. Nobody knows the exact value of pi, ?

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