e-Anglais.com Baskervilles Quiz No. 9

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  1. How did Watson account for Barrymore's night movements? .
  2. To shadow is the same as to .
  3. The course of true love never did run .
  4. When Watson wanted to follow him, Sir Henry said he was a .
  5. Where did Watson go to observe Sir Henry and Beryl? .
  6. On his way back to Baskervill Hall, Watson felt .
  7. Why did Stapleton come to Baskerville Hall? .
  8. A suitor is someone who .
  9. Selden was .
  10. When Watson and Sir Henry went looking for Selden, Sir Henry brought his .
  11. How did Watson know the man near the tor was not Selden? .
  12. Sir Henry thought the man was .

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