e-Anglais.com Baskervilles Quiz No. 7

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  1. In the morning, Watson went to .
  2. A hamlet is a kind of .
  3. Who did the messenger boy give the message to? .
  4. Who ran after Watson on his way back to Baskerville Hall? .
  5. What colour was the naturalist's hair? .
  6. How did Stapleton recognize Watson? .
  7. Where did Stapleton invite Watson? .
  8. How long had Stapleton been on the moor? .
  9. After they heard the hound baying, what did Watson see? .
  10. Stapleton said the strange sound was probably made by a .
  11. What does uncanny mean? .
  12. A score is .
  13. Beryl Stapleton is not English. How do we know? .
  14. What are Lepidoptera? .
  15. Beryl asked Watson to .

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