e-Anglais.com Baskervilles Quiz No. 11

Répondez aux questions et cliquez sur Correct.
  1. What was Mrs Lyons most likely doing when Watson arrived? .
  2. What colour was Mrs Lyons hair? .
  3. Mrs Lyons had met Sir Charles .
  4. Who was Sir Charles's almoner? .
  5. Mrs Lyons asked to meet Sir Charles in the garden because .
  6. Why did Mrs Lyons agree to tell Watson about the letter's contents? .
  7. How can Watson find out if Mrs Lyons was telling him the truth? .
  8. Why was Mr Frankland excited? .
  9. A commoner is someone who .
  10. At court, Mr Frankland .
  11. Frankland's next case would be against .
  12. Why did Watson refuse Frankland's invitation to stay for a drink? .

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