e-Anglais.com Baskervilles Quiz No. 1

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  1. How did Holmes know that Watson was examining a cane? .
  2. Why is Holmes supposedly in Watson's debt? .
  3. Watson says he has often been piqued by Holmes's .
  4. A word with the same meaning as 'sofa': .
  5. In Holmes's opinion, why was the cane given to Dr Mortimer? .
  6. He's wrong. What is the real reason?
  7. How long ago did Dr Mortimer leave Charing Cross Hospital? years ago.
  8. How does Holmes know that Dr Mortimer has a dog? .
  9. What is the cause of Dr Mortimer's joy? .
  10. Why does Dr Mortimer want to be called 'Mr Mortimer'? .
  11. What does Dr Mortimer covet? Holmes's .

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