e-Anglais.com Grammaire: Used to
Complete the following sentences with used to, get used to (s'habituer à), be used to (être habitué à) and either the infinitive or the gerund, as may be appropriate.

For help, see S. Berland-Delépine, La grammaire anglaise au lycée (Ophrys), sections 178-187; S. Berland-Delépine, La grammaire anglaise de l'étudiant (Ophrys), sections 341-352; Thomson & Martinet, A Practical English Grammar, 4th edition, (Oxford University Press), sections 162 & 163; Raymond Murphy, English Grammar in Use (Cambridge University Press, 1985), units 25 & 62.
  1. John would never help his parents in the garden when he was young. He never them.
  2. Jill has been going to school for a few weeks now. Finally, she's (to go) to it.
  3. I haven't been practising karate for very long; so I'm not (to kick) people.
  4. John always asked the same questions. He always the same questions.
  5. For my new job, I've got to (to get up) early.
  6. Now they go to Majorca on their holidays; they to Rimini.
  7. Do you smoke? No, I twenty a day but now I don't smoke at all.
  8. I can't (to handle) this joystick; I'm going to go back to using the mouse again.
  9. Did you (to study) hard when you were a student?
  10. I've never (to drive) that car.

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