e-Anglais.com Relatifs 1
Répondez aux questions en suppléant le pronom relatif (who/whom/which/whose/where) qui manque et cliquez sur Correct. N'utilisez pas that.
  1. Can you see the woman is sitting on the bench?
  2. The place they met will always be special for them.
  3. He gave Tom the book he had just read.
  4. The teacher, met his class for the fist time last week, is happy with them.
  5. Martin and Hellen, are engineers, have just invented a new gadget.
  6. Penny, father is a judge, is going to study law at university.
  7. The person to you were speaking is a famous hacker.
  8. The hotel in they stayed has a very good restaurant.
  9. He found a wallet in there was a large amount of money.
  10. The footballers team had won drank a lot of champagne that night.

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