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Répondez aux questions en suppléant le pronom personnel, adjectif ou pronom possessif, pronom réfléchi ou réciproque, qui convient et cliquez sur Correct. Il y a une leçon sur ce sujet
  1. John rang to say couldn't get here before 9 p.m.
  2. Liz and Meg were looking at in the mirror.
  3. "Give the book to Belinda." "I've already given it to ."
  4. This house is mine; it's been in family for centuries.
  5. "Look at , Mammy!", shouted the twins.
  6. Richard and Liz looked at passionately.
  7. The guru said to me: "Think of others before you think of ".
  8. Richard helped Liz look for lipstick.
  9. Membership has disadvantages.
  10. Liz kept her bouquet; Meg threw to the crowd.
  11. The rabbi and wife finally arrived at the reception.
  12. "This is our goal, that's ! Okay?"
  13. "Get off back!" screamed the angry employee.
  14. Jupiter once changed into a bull.
  15. "My husband and are delighted to accept your invitation."
  16. "I hope you can come to visit my wife and ", said Mr O'Reilly.

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