e-Anglais.com Le présent, Present Tense

Répondez aux questions et cliquez sur Correct. Notez qu'il y a aussi une leçon sur le Present Simple & Progressive.

  • Joan (1) football every day. (to play)
  • Who (2) on the grass? (to walk)
  • We always (3) (to speak) softly while Mother (4) . (to sleep)
  • Who (5) to? (you, to talk)
  • Jim says: "(6) to school now". (I, to go)
  • In the winter, the sun (7) early. (to set)
  • The church bell (8) for Mass every Sunday. (to ring)
  • (9) (you, to listen) to me? (10) to repeat myself. (I, not, go)
  • (11) his name. (I, not, to remember)
  • No, (12) ; I am awake. (I, not, to sleep)

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Il y a aussi une leçon sur le présent simple et présent progressif.