e-Anglais.com Present Perfect or Past II (prétérit)

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  1. It's 9 A.M.; (the postman, to come) yet this morning?
  2. (I, never, to visit, Rome) in my whole life.
  3. When I was a teenager (I, to play) football every Saturday afternoon.
  4. No, (I, not to see) that film yet.
  5. This year there (to be) a lot of traffic accidents in this country.
  6. My dog (to run away) while I was walking him in the park.
  7. My keys are missing: (you to see) them?
  8. I can't do it; (I, already, to try) it several times.
  9. When I asked him for time off, (he, to say) "No".
  10. (you, to eat, ever) caviar?

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Il y a une leçon sur le present perfect.