e-Anglais.com Present Perfect or Past (prétérit)

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  1. According to the police, the robber through a back window.
  2. So far, the police no one.
  3. The victims at the police station later that afternoon.
  4. The FBI a reward for information leading to the capture of the terrorists.
  5. During the robbery, one of the robbers a bank employee.
  6. to Rome?
  7. I there once a long time ago.
  8. Mary there three times in the last ten years.
  9. the new Woody Allen movie?
  10. No, I it yet.
  11. I TV when the phone rang.
  12. Mark English for a number of years.
  13. The Prime Minister to reduce the price of petrol.
  14. I him yet today.
  15. Recently I very well.

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Il y a une leçon sur le present perfect.