e-Anglais.com Phrasal Verbs (come)
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come acrossfind by chance
come alongaccompany, make progress
come backreturn (to where the speaker is)
come byfind by accident, visit someone at home
come down withbecome ill with
come intoinherit
come outappear socially
come out withproclaim, produce
come overcome to visit someone
come roundrecover consciousness
come throughsucceed
come tovoir come round
come up withimagine, invent, produce
  1. While browsing in the bookshop, I a valuable book.
  2. The advertising team has an exciting new TV ad.
  3. Marcus missed the meeting because he had a strange illness.
  4. If you my office this afternoon, we can discuss your new business project.
  5. When Mary after the accident she found herself in hospital.
  6. Jon has stopped working since he a fortune.
  7. If you work hard, you will nicely.
  8. If you home now, we'll discuss you grievances.
  9. Although it was hard for them, our team finally and won the championship.
  10. We all know he's gay because he decided to last week.
  11. Why don't you and see my new DVD player?
  12. Percy some strange ideas at the meeting.

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