e-Anglais.com Verbes à particule, Phrasal Verbs
Répondez aux quesitons et cliquez sur le bouton Correct. Voici les verbes à particule (phrasal verbs) (in dark red) et leurs sens.

To be overTo be finished
To carry outTo implement
To come acrossTo find
To come up withTo find (a solution)
To drop outTo abandon
To give inTo surrender
To let downTo disappoint
To own upTo admit
To point outTo indicate
To put forwardTo suggest
To put offTo leave something until later
To put up withTo tolerate
To set offTo start on a journey
To tell offTo criticize or rebuke
To take downTo note in writing
To take overTo take control
To think overTo consider
To try outTo test or sample
To turn downTo reject an offer
To work outTo calculate
  1. My boss some mistakes I had made.
  2. When the police surrounded the bank, the robbers .
  3. I offered him 2,500 euro for his car, but he my offer.
  4. The maths problem was too difficult; I couldn't the answer.
  5. When the film , we went to the pub for a drink.
  6. Never till tomorrow what you can do today.
  7. The suggestion you at the meeting, was a brilliant idea.
  8. You can't use the network at the moment because engineers are maintenance work.
  9. The headmaster the pupils for breaking a classroom window.
  10. I'll your offer; it's very interesting.
  11. It's a difficult problem but we'll eventually a remedy.
  12. I'm Linux at the moment, and so far, I find it very effective.
  13. I can't deal with your problem at the moment; why don't I the details and get back to you.
  14. AOL Netscape in a deal worth billions of dollars.
  15. He didn't keep his promise; he his colleagues.
  16. Whoever spilt coffee all over the photocopier should to his fault; it's the only honourable thing to do.
  17. Towards the end of the race, she developed a cramp and .
  18. In the library the other day, I a book I had been looking for.
  19. Your train leaves in half an hour; you'd better now if you want to be on time.
  20. She doesn't like me very much, but she'll have to me because we have to share an office.

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