e-Anglais.com Past Perfect 1
Il faut choisir entre le Past Perfect et le Present Perfect. Il y a une leçon sur le Past Perfect et sur le Present Perfect. Parfois il faut employer la voix passive.
  1. When I went to the car park, I found that my car (to steal).
  2. Peter (to live) in Paris for 4 years before he could speak French fluently.
  3. "Where (you, to be)?" she said when I finally turned up.
  4. (I, to learn) English for 5 years now.
  5. The locals were amazed because (never, to see) a horse before.
  6. They wouldn't let him in because (to forget) his membership card.
  7. "You can't come in because (to forget) your membership card."
  8. (you, to see) the new film by Spike Lee?
  9. (they, to drink) a lot of champagne by the time the party ended.
  10. They were angry because (they, to wait) for too long.

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