e-Anglais.com La voix passive II; Passive Voice
Mettez le phrases suivantes à la voix passive ou active selon le cas. Ne mentionnez pas l'agent (complément d'agent ) sans qu'il soit nécessaire. Notez qu'il y a aussi une leçon sur la voix passive.
  1. You must make a decision.
    • A decision .
  2. They will have to clean it up.
    • It .
  3. They are looking up the customer's name.
    • The customer's name .
  4. Someone ought to have told him that the meeting was at 10 PM.
    • He that the meeting was at 10 PM.
  5. We will clean your swimming-pool this weekend.
    • Your swimming-pool this weekend.
  6. This work was painted by Picasso.
    • this work.
  7. The windscreen must have been broken by a rock.
    • the windscreen.
  8. They must have been beaten by their rivals.
    • Their .
  9. We were forced to cancel the trip.
    • Something or somebody .
  10. The champion has been knocked out by a young boxer.
    • the champion.

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