e-Anglais.com La voix passive; Passive Voice
A sees BB is seen by A
A is seeing BB is being seen by
A saw BB was seen by A
A was seeing BB was being seen by A
A has seen BB has been seen by A
A will see BB will be seen by A

Mettez les phrases suivantes à la voix passive. Ne mentionnez pas le complément d'agent sans que cela soit nécessaire. Notez qu'il y a aussi une leçon sur la voix passive.
  1. Someone broke into our house last night.
  2. They cancelled all flights because of fog.
  3. Millions of people have read that book.
  4. The police are looking for the missing paintings.
  5. They should have told him.
  6. Workmen were cleaning the entry to the museum.
  7. He invited me to the party.
  8. They have not opened the doors yet.
  9. Somebody will deliver the package before 9 o'clock.
  10. Nobody noticed his mistake.

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