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Dans cet exercice, les réponses suivantes sont possibles: can, can't, cannot, can not, have to, may, may not, might, might not, must, mustn't, must notcannot est britannique tandis que can not est américain.

N'oubliez pas que must s'emploie pour des ordres aussi bien que pour dire ce qui est probable. Dans le premier cas, son contraire est must not ; sinon, c'est cannot. Si nécessaire, consultez la leçon sur les modaux.
  1. It must be late as it's already dark. It be any earlier than 5 PM.
  2. Pupils may go out if they've finished their homework. Since your homework isn't in fact finished you go out.
  3. "He can't be serious; no one could believe that." "In fact he's an important scientist, so he be serious after all."
  4. "She might get good results if she tries harder." "No, it's too late; the exam's next week: she possibly succeed."
  5. If you want to ask for permission, use "can" or " ".
  6. My parents said "You must tidy your room", so I do it.
  7. " " is a little bit politer than "may".
  8. That be right; your argument is perfectly logical!
  9. If the figure has more than three sides, it be a triangle.
  10. Since it's not forbidden by the rules, I suppose we do it.

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