e-Anglais.com Infinitif ou gérondif III; Infinitive or Gerund
Avez-vous bien appris quels verbs sont suivis par l'infinitif ou par le gérondif (cours) ? Répondez aux questions et cliquez sur Correct.
  1. The employees asked (see) the union representative in order to complain.
  2. The unions threatened (go) on strike unless the management agreed to meet them.
  3. Have you considered (write) your autobiography?
  4. Do you enjoy (play) tennis?
  5. He was too frightened; he didn't dare (jump) even with the latest parachute.
  6. Do you want me (turn on) the TV?
  7. The thief admitted (steal) the paintings from the gallery.
  8. Storms have delayed the plane from (take off).
  9. Mark offered (give) Peter a lift to work during the train strike.
  10. The film star declined (be) interviewed as he was too tired after the latest film shoot.
  11. The astronauts failed (save) the space station.
  12. Stop (complain) about the bad weather.
  13. The Government has postponed (meet) the rail unions until next Monday.
  14. The defendant denied (do) anything wrong.
  15. The company envisaged (shut down) its factory in Lille.
  16. Now it's exam time and Tim regrets not (study) harder during the term.
  17. Do you swear (tell) the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?
  18. Which videos have you chosen (rent)?
  19. Milly suggested (visit) the Louvre to see the new exhibition.
  20. We can't afford (send) our children to Harvard; it's just too expensive.
  21. Can you manage (lift) that big box over there on you own, or should I help you?
  22. We wish (make) a complaint.
  23. We plan (visit) the Vatican during our visit to Rome next summer.
  24. I promise not (be) late for the meeting if I can help it.
  25. We expect (make) an enormous profit this year.
  26. A secretary's work involves (type) a lot of documents every day.
  27. We've decided (give) you a pay increase because you work so well.
  28. Are you prepared (work) very hard for us if we give you the job?
  29. The software company consented (reimburse) users who weren't happy with their new OS.
  30. Our customers tend not (like) having to wait.
  31. The angry customers demanded (get) their money back.
  32. I miss not (play) tennis every week, but I can't afford the membership fees.
  33. Jeremy pretended not (see) me; I suppose he was still angry with me.
  34. We can't afford to risk (upset) our customers by increasing our prices again.
  35. The boss refused (let) us go home early even though there was a bus strike.
  36. Don't forget (ring) me when you get to Rome.
  37. Mary detests (go) to the dentist's.
  38. We aim (sell) more than a million copies of his new book by the end of the year.
  39. What are you doing here? I don't recall (invite) you to my party.
  40. The children resented (be sent) to their grandmother's house for the holidays.
  41. Have you finished (pack) your bags yet?
  42. Can you arrange for me (meet) the company president?
  43. You seem not (understand) our difficulties.
  44. How can we avoid (increase) the prices of our products?
  45. The boss agreed (give) us time off providing the work was done on time.
  46. They appear (like) the new Apple operating system.
  47. You should regularly practise (pronounce) difficult words.
  48. You should learn (type) without looking at the keyboard.
  49. Imagine (live) in a palace; that must be wonderful.
  50. We hope (buy) a new house as soon as we've saved enough money.
  51. Keep (try) until at last you succeed.
  52. Would you mind (open) the window, it's very stuffy in here.
  53. I don't fancy (go out) this evening.
  54. The boxer dreaded (fight) the new challenger.

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