e-Anglais.com Infinitif ou gérondif II; Infinitive or Gerundive

Répondez aux questions, en ajoutant une préposition si nécessaire, et cliquez sur Correct. Notez qu'il y a aussi une leçon sur l'infinitif et le gérondif.

  1. What do you suggest (buy) for dinner this evening?
  2. I don't know (how, operate) a crane.
  3. They arranged (meet) at the station.
  4. Mary enjoys (go) shopping on Thursday evenings.
  5. The boss offered (raise) the employees' salaries.
  6. Didn't he admit (not, pay) his taxes?
  7. I regretted (not, go) to the doctor's sooner.
  8. Fred couldn't decide (where, go) for his holidays.
  9. The police failed (prevent) the riot.
  10. Did the children enjoy (visit) the wax museum?
  11. I told him my name a while ago, but he appears (forget) it.
  12. Keep on (work) hard if you want to succeed.
  13. He really minds (tell passive voice) what to do.
  14. They seem (not, remember) who I am.
  15. Peter couldn't decide (whether, go) to the match or not.

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