e-Anglais.com Le 3ème conditionnel : The 3rd Conditional
Répondez aux questions et cliquez sur Correct. Notez qu'il y a un cours sur les 3 conditionnels.
  1. If John (to go) to the party, he would have met Mary.
  2. If I had been here earlier, (I, to hear) Jack singing.
  3. You would have been amazed, if (you, to see) the goal I scored.
  4. You missed the train. You would have caught it if (you, to be) on time.
  5. If Mary (not to fall), she would have won the race.
  6. Penny would have been late if (she, not to take) the train.
  7. If Bob had made a greater effort, (he, not to lose) the tennis match.
  8. You (not to fail) your exam if you had studied.
  9. Question: (Barney, to be elected) if he had been a candidate?
  10. [Sans le mot 'if'] You would have been elected (you, to be) a candidate.

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