e-Anglais.com Le 1er conditionnel : The 1st Conditional
Répondez aux questions et cliquez sur Correct. Notez qu'il y a un cours sur les 3 conditionnels.
  1. If you read this book, (you, to be) pleasantly surprised.
  2. The boss will be angry if (we, to be) late.
  3. Mary (to discover) the solution if she reads the final chapter.
  4. I will pay Fred 100 euro if (he, to paint) my kitchen.
  5. The captain (to lose) his job if the team don't win the match.
  6. If (you, not, to stop) complaining, I'll have to go.
  7. Tom will not be disturbed if (we, not, to make) a lot of noise.
  8. You (not, to be) ready on time, if you don't hurry.
  9. (you, to help) me with my bags, if I pay you?
  10. If (you, to pass) your exams, will you get a reward?

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