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Felicia's nervousness returns as she passes with the other passengers into a building in which a security officer questions her. "Have you means of identification?" he demands.


"What's your name?"

Felicia tells him. He asks if she has a driver's licence.

"I can't drive actually."

"Have you another form of identification?"

"I can't think that I have."

"No letter? No documentation of any kind?"

She shakes her head. He asks if she is resident in the UK and she says no, in Ireland.

"You're here on a visit, are you, miss?"


"And what's the purpose of this visit?"

"To see a friend."

"And you're travelling on to where?"

"The Birmingham area. North of Birmingham."

"May I look through your bags for a moment? Would you mind just stepping aside, miss?"

He pokes about among her clothes and the extra pair of shoes she has brought. She thinks he'll comment when he comes across the banknotes in her handbag, but he doesn't.

"I'll just jot down the address of you friend", he says. "Would you give me that, please?"

"I don't know it. I have to find him yet."

"He's not expecting you?"

"He's not really."

"You're sure you'll find him?"

"I will, through his place of work."

Her interrogator nods. He is a man of about the same age as her father, with a featureless face.

He is wearing a black overcoat, open at the front.

"I'll just jot down your address in Ireland", he says.

She says she is from Mountmellick, the first town that comes into her head. She gives an address she makes up: 23 St Mary's Terrace.

"Right", the security man says.

No one stops her at the Customs. She asks where the trains go from, and is directed. When she makes further inquiries she is informed that the train for Birmingham isn't due to leave until a quarter past two. It is now just after midnight.

The train comes in, long before it's due to go out again. Felicia makes certain it is the right one, and when the journey begins she falls asleep.

William Trevor, Felicia's Journey, Penguin USA, 1994.

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  1. Which is the right answer?  (1)
    1. an article from a magazine
    2. a dialogue in a play
    3. an extract from a novel

  2. There are six mistakes in this summary of the text. pick them out and quote the correct extracts from the text:

    When she reaches the building, Felicia is very calm. A security officer asks her for her identity papers. She says she lives in England. She shows him her driver's licence. He examines everything she's got except her handbag. She explains she has a friend in Birmingham and gives his address. She is stopped at the Customs. Eventually she takes the train for Birmingham.
    MistakeExtracts from the text
     (2)  (3)
     (4)  (5)
     (6)  (7)
     (8)  (9)
     (10)  (11)
     (12)  (13)

  3. Say if the statement is true (T) or false (F). Quote from the text to justify your answer.
    1. Felicia refuses to tell her name.  (14)
    2. Felicia says she has come to work.  (15)
    3. She invents an address in Ireland.  (16) 
      • Give 2 justifications
    4. The train for Birmingham is leaving about two hours later.  (17)
    5. Felicia takes the wrong train.  (18)
    a.    (19)
    b.    (20)
    c1.   (21)
    c2.   (22)
    d.    (23)
    e.    (24)

  4. Find in the text equivalents for:

    1. in fact  (25)
    2. the objective  (26)
    3. discovers  (27)
    4. waiting for  (28)
    5. note down  (29)
    6. asks for more information  (30)

  5. What or who do the underlined words refer to?

    1. he demands  (31)
    2. What's your name?  (32)
    3. You're here on a visit, are you, miss?  (33)
    4. would you give me that  (34)
    5. I don't know it  (35)
    6. He's not expecting you  (36)

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